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Model: Pigment Lightening Cream
Pigment Lightening Cream - Natural Diminish Sun Damage, Age Spot Remover, Infused with Vitamin C Powerful Skin Rejuvenator   This pigment lightening cream is formulated with a combination of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Borage Oil and Rosehip to diminish the appearance of dark spots, age spots..
Model: Vitamin C Serum
Adama Minerals Vitamin C Serum Vitamin C is used to boost collagen production, repair against sun damage, reduce wrinkles and improve the skin's appearance.   Ingredient Benefits: • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is rich in anti-oxidants known to help even skin tone and repair the skin ..
Model: Wrinkle Defense Trio (Ageless + Hydrating + Eye Cream)
Wrinkle Defense Trio (Valued at $134.97 you save $9.98) Wrinkle Defense Trio is formulated to combat signs of visible aging such as firming and toning sagging skin while plumping the look of wrinkles, and fine lines.   Ageless Clay Cream - 2oz This potent Anti-wrinkle night cr..
Model: Wrinkle Erase Acid Cream
Wrinkle Erase Cream 1 oz. This Wrinkle Erase cream works to intensely exfoliate fine lines.   Apply every evening. Rub firmly into skin in a circular motion.  Alternate application every seven days so skin has a chance to rebuild new skin.  Apply 7 days. Rest 7 days. Repeat...
Model: Wrinkle Fade Intense - Anti Wrinkle Combo (Ageless + Hydrating)
Wrinkle Fade Intense combines two potent Anti-Wrinkle Products. (Valued at $94.98 you save $9.99) For best results apply Ageless Cream in the evening and Hydrating Cream in the morning before applying make-up.   1) Ageless Clay Cream - 2oz Intense Wrinkle Reduction Cream   ..
Model: Youth Renewal Trio (Instant Ageless + BB Cream + C Clay)
Youth Renewal Trio (Instant Ageless + BB Cream + C Clay) (Valued at $104.97 you save $4.98) Make the most out of your daily skincare routine with this age-defying kit. This instant booster, sun protection and vitamin C serum helps reduce the visible signs of aging, helping your skin hav..
Model: Hand Repair Cream
Adama Minerals Hand Repair Cream 2oz This Intense Hand Repair Cream contains a high concentration of Muru muru butter and Nutrient Rich Minerals to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and provide intense moisture to dry, rough skin.   Ingredient Benefits: • Sunflower Seed ..
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